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Begin Saving in 3 Simple Steps

1. Set your Location

1. Set your Location

Confirm your location so we can match the BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offers to your area.
2. Confirm your Favorite Supermarkets

2. Confirm your Supermarkets

Maximize your savings potential by receiving BOGO alerts for Publix, Winn-Dixie & Sedano's.
3. Receive Weekly & Custom BOGO Alerts

3. Receive BOGO Alerts

Receive Weekly & Custom BOGO Alerts, and our consolidated list of all local BOGO's.

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Save Time & Money

The days of searching the weekly ads and trying to keep up with what's on sale each week are over. Our BOGO alerts help you stock up and save on everyday grocery purchases while ensuring you never miss your favorite BOGO sales again. Your grocery savings are now on auto pilot. See our App.

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Weekly ALL BOGO Alerts

Browse the quick and convenient "at-a-glance" summary of all BOGO's as they become available each week from Publix, Winn-Dixie and Sedano's. Update at any time the supermarket(s) for which you'd like to receive BOGO alerts. See our App.

Receive Weekly ALL BOGO Alerts

Custom BOGO Alerts

Add your favorite products or brands to your list of Favorites and receive custom alerts when any of these items become BOGO. Create your Favorites list once or update any time. Items in your Favorites that become BOGO are automatically loaded into your Shopping List for you. See our App.

Receive Custom BOGO Alerts

Build Your Shopping List

Select the items you intend to purchase and they'll be added to your mobile Shopping List. No time to manage your Shopping List? We can automate it for you! Simply add your favorite or frequently purchased items to your Favorites. When any of these items become BOGO, they're automatically loaded into your Shopping List. See our App.

Build Your Shopping List

View All BOGO's On The Go

Our mobile website, email alerts and popular app provides a fun and effortless way to view all BOGO's from multiple supermakets in a single, organized list. Your mobile phone or tablet now has a new, money-saving purpose every time you visit your local supermarket(s). See our App.

View All BOGO's On The Go

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Receive Weekly ALL BOGO Alerts.
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