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User Testimonials

JustBOGOS has helped me save time and money. No more wasted trips to the supermarket hoping for the BOGO's I want now that I have the information at my fingertips.

Rob Bookbinder - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

JustBOGOS is such a great way to save money on things I already purchase. Instead of going down every aisle to see where the bogos are, they are emailed to me saving me time and money!

Eric Litow - Delray Beach, Florida

What a great idea. I take advantage of BOGO's on products I use whenever I find them. Having advance notice is very helpful.

Sandy Batten - Palm Beach, Florida

JustBOGOS allows me to save time and money by not having to scourge through hundreds of coupons that come in the mail. It's so easy and efficient.

Fabian Ruiz - Plantation, Florida

I used to never know when my favorite groceries were on sale and I'd always miss the deals. Now I know exactly when they're on sale thanks to the alerts sent directly to my email. It's practically effortless!!

Carly Podor - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

JustBOGOS is the greatest! It allows me to be ahead of the game and know when and where my favorite products are two for one. Saves me time and money!

Robbin Lazarus - Boca Raton, Florida

JustBOGOS makes it extremely convenient to save money! I used to only know about BOGO's anytime I was at Publix but now with JustBOGOS I know exactly what's on sale and I know what to expect at checkout.

Stephanie Goodman - Miami, Florida

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